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  • 欧美性开放BBW

    Shenzhen Ji Mei Fei Toy Co., Ltd.

        Shenzhen Ji Mei Fei Toy Co., Ltd.: Founded in 1997, Shenzhen, Guangdong manufacturer specializing in toys, the "Customer first, quality first" as its purpose, to undertake orders for plush toys at home and abroad, from material purchase up to packaging and shipping factory "based on the quality of survival, in order to benefit and development," approach, improve and strengthen management, and constantly develop great shape.
       The existing plant, dormitory of 4,500 square meters, with fixed production equipment: 150 kW generator a platform; 63 # type cutting presses 5 sets, loose cotton one Taiwan, filling machine and two sets, air compressor 2 sets, flat Car 200, the needle machine 2 sets.
        Factory sewn existing eight production lines, six manual production lines, 380 regular employees, regulatory agencies are: Ministry of Personnel, engineering, purchasing department, production department, quality control department.
       Factory completion of a variety of both small batch production, but also for mass production, annual production capacity of ten million yuan.
        Factory to the principle of good faith and look forward to sampling or processing of new and old customers, our quality service and excellent quality will cooperate with it.
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